FS AJ Thramer Young Para 15 (8ft 5/6wt bamboo rod)


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For sale is my lightly used AJ Thramer Young Para 15 (8 ft, 2 pieces, 4.3 oz. , 5/6wt. , Serial No. F47). It was made in July of 2012. I'm the second owner but this rod has seen very little use (see pictures) because the first owner used it lightly, and my work travel schedule prevents me from fishing as much as I would like to. I am hoping this rod goes to someone who appreciates a fine bamboo rod and will have the time to fish it. I am asking $795 for the rod, and buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

Mr Thramer (i believe has retired or has dramatically slowed down his rod building) - If you have never seen or cast one of Mr. Thramer’s rods, you’re in for a real treat! This neat rendition of the PHY Para 15 is part of Mr. Thramer’s Classic Taper Series of fine rods. It features attractive lightly flamed shafts with swelled butt, beautiful golden 3 x 3 nodes, gold silks and a varnish finish executed by a mature hand. Fine furnishings include TiCH stripper, silver snakes and tip-tops and tight-fitting blued N/S ferrules that give a satisfying pop when separated. The business end of the butt section is fitted with a comfortable reversed half-Wells grip, cork seat with black screw D/L’ing hardware and HK loop. The set comes with the original bag with hang tag and silver aluminum tube with label bearing the maker’s name and rod info. Both tips are labeled “wet” (and AJ informed me that that's how the first owner ordered it). Nonetheless, I still found this rod to be a dry fly powerhouse that will handle most trout fishing situations. The strong medium-fast action throws effortless loops and exhibits plenty of reserve power for those often needed longer than usual casts, for me, best with a Cortland Peach WF-6 (Mr Thramer preferred the SA GPX 5 on this rod). NOTE: there is slight soiling on the grip.

Please message me if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading.


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