FS Neoprene Assessories


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
Simms Flats Booties, Simms Neoprene Socks, Redington Neoprene socks, misc gravel guards.
Size 13
$20 pick up in North Seattle.



Sounds good.
Send me your shipping details via pm and I’ll get these out.
We’ll settle up after we know what the actual shipping is.
I feel like I should pay you $10 for the hassle... I apologize! I was making fun of the screen ad banner above your post, I’m really sorry for the confusion. It was first thing in the morning for me and was trying to be funny while sitting on the pot :) again I’m sorry Stonefish, please forgive me and I’ll remove my misleading post.

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