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I am going to purchase a basic GPS/bottom machine combo for a boat I am setting up. Being an old fart my tech skills are pretty much non-existent. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fairly simple intuitive system? I will be putting it on a 17 ft Boston Whaler and will use the boat for crabbing, fishing SRC and resident salmon and as a pleasure craft for the grandkids. Thanks for any insights you may offer.


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I think you will be surprised regarding how easy the GPS functions of most fish finders are.
At least speaking for my experience with The Humminbird units. I have the Helix 5, and Helix 7. I too use it for crabbing or marking a fishing spot on a lake.
It’s like this... clock a single button to mark where you dropped you pot. Speed off, fish around... then click a button that is basically Go to the spot that you marked’. Then on your screen you are following the slug trail back to your crab pot, as well as the screen is telling you, you are 800’ away... 600’ , and so on. Suddenly you are back to your crab pot.

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I have owned various models of Eagle, Lowrance, Furuno, Raymarine, and Garmin. I have disliked the customer service of ALL of them except Furuno. The units themselves all worked more-or-less ok but all have their quirks. As a fellow old fart with poor technical skills, I will never again get a model with super amounts of features that requires lots of toggling between screens and programming the whozit in order to access the 4 drop-down menus and BLAHBLAHBLAH.

You know what I like most? A BIG SCREEN. For the same price point you can often get the top-end gadget model with small screen or the low-end fewer gadget model with a big screen. Big screen wins 10 times out of 10 for me. See the Lowrance products- Hook vs. Elite vs. HDS. I owned all 3 and the Hook did it's job just fine. The other models are nicer but for me, functionality vs. price point made the Hook the easy winner although I did like the Elite.

I owned 2 models with touch screens and went back to good old buttons. The touch screens got covered with salt, herring goo, salmon slime, etc and the area where I had to touch the most had pixels fail (HDS 9). Nothing wrong with buttons except that it may reduce your screen size a bit.

For me, I like my new Garmin the best. Cheap, has a CHIRP function (less important for deep salt fishing but still useful for me), and ez to use buttons. The Navionics map features (or any map features) are also really useful IMO.

Here's what I recommend- go to West Marine or Sportsman's and see how ez they are to figure out. If the sales guy has to help walk you through the menu options, etc. you might use that as a data point. Let us know what you get!
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