Rod Building Two New Builds


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Two new 11' 6/7 wt switch rod builds...the top one my own (as if I needed another one...but wanted to experiment) using birch bark rings with burnt cork accent rings,
the 2nd for a friends' friend: green burl cork with fir bark accents on flat dk green blank, wrapped with black thread, silver bands w/ metallic turquoise ghost wrap...The top one on a flat black blank..still figuring out what I want for wraps. Was fun experimenting anyway.

2 builds 1.jpg


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Very nice…. What reel seat hardware is that? Looks like one is covered hooded and other is not?


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Absolutely beautiful! I might need to use an old drill to make a setup like that too!


What's the RPM on that drill? I have an old milwaukee magnum heavy-duty that's a very similar model but I was hesitant to use it as its max RPM is 850. Think that'll work?
I bet it would work with cork. Just might take a little more time. I rarely go over 1000 or 1200 with my lathe

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