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For me these past few years of getting back into fishing, it’s been all about Spey. I got my first St. Croix back in the day from Salmon bay tackle. Since then I’ve gone through lots of different rod company’s and reel company’s.

I dig everything about Spey fishing, and not just because my shoulders suck. Lately I’ve been fine tuning rods, reels and lines finding out what I really like, and what company’s I want to support.

So far it’s,
Burkhiemer, but they are starting to get replaced by Meiser’s :)

Also great ambassadors of the spey game, Steve Godshall, Poppy Cummins and Bob Meiser!

Leaning towards long lines and long rods!

What about you folks? What spey company’s and gear are your favorites?
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I've always been a Burkheimer guy, but the Loomis IMX PRO 71111 is a great rod and I'll keep it. Also a Nexcast fan. Really want to try a Meiser, but scared of the consequences!!

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My first spey rod was a St. Croix too! The ol' Imperial 14' 9/10. Bought that in 99? Maybe 2000 from Jimmy at Patricks. Finally, around '05, I think, I got a CND and messed around with them for a few years. Then moved onto a Sage, tried a couple of Meisers and then back to Sage. That's all I fish these days. When I bought my first spey rod, Ross Reels were my reel of choice for single handers and fished with them on my double hand rods for quite a while, then moved to Hardys where I haven't budged for over ten years. I've bought and sold a number of Hardys, and still fish with a vintage 3 3/4" perfect on my winter rod. The past several years, with declining steelhead numbers, I've been focusing on trout and recently have been upgrading all my single hand reels to modern large arbors. I'm still on the fence if I will change out my spey reels.
As far as lines go, when I first starting spey casting, I used the old Windcutter then moved onto the longer Accelerator. I then learned about shorter, skagit style lines around '05ish and started splicing my own lines for a while. But, the past ten years or so, I haven't needed to make my own lines because of all the options available to buy, and usually fish an Airflo. I have not tried to go back to long lines but have considered it.
The past two years, I have focused on trout and finally picked up a trout spey earlier this year. I currently have a vintage Marquis on it but may trade it out for a large arbor Sage 3400D, I like the line pickup on large arbor reels. To be honest, I have been fishing my single handers much more the past year.

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