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We’ve got too many trade in rods.
Keeping this simple, I’m going to post one photo, of each rod.
if you’ll like to purchase or just need more details, please send us a PM.
Free shipping CONUS.
All prices are inclusive of Washington state sales tax.

-Sage 4710-4. SOLD
(7’10” 4 wt, 4 piece. )
very light dry fly rod, tube has some dings, rod is like new.

Sage 480-4 ZXL SOLD
(8’ 4 wt 4 piece)
Presentation dry fly rod, tube is a used sage SP case (not original) but the rod is brand new.

Sage 4100-4 Z-axis SOLD
(10’ 4 piece, 4 weight, 4 piece)
Great “big water” trout rod.
dries, chironomids, nymph rigs...
Again, used tube, rod is like new.

Sage 590-4 ONE SOLD
(9’ 5 weight, 4 piece)
Legendary all-around trout rod. Lightly used, factory rod and tube.

Sage 599-4
(9’ 9 weight, 4 piece)
A legendary nymphing rod. Not designed for far and fine fishing, throws JUNK very well.

Sage 8100-4 ONE
(10’ 8 wt, 4 piece)
Steelhead anyone?
Factory tube and sock, tube is worn, rod is like new

Sage 9100-4 z-Axis
(10’ 4 pc, 9 weight)
Big water, winter steelhead, Salmon...
Factory rod and tube, very good but used condition


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So exactly what series for 8100-4 ? Can’t tell from pics.

See it on my computer....ONE
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