Which WFF'er could this be?


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You could see that any day of the week at any of the launches around here. Sometimes I bring a lawn chair and just watch.
Sure can see it all at a boat launch. One of my favorites are the dummies that forget to put the plug in. Float their boat and then casually go park their rig. Walk back, flirt with the beach bunnies and then notice their boat is taking on water. That's when the backing up jack knife approach is so hurried. Yes, guilty Trip, finally did it myself. Dummy. Boats take water on through the drain plug a lot faster than they drain.


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That looks like me about twenty five years ago during my first summer landscaping job. They used to stick newbs on back-up duty with the twenty foot utility trailer just for laughs. I gave them a few the start of that first summer....


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that would be me if I owned a boat that needed trailering!

But yeah, gotta start somewhere....
If or when you get your ”big enough” boat go to a large empty parking lot with some traffic cones or gallon milk jugs with an inch or two of water in them and spray painted orange. Arrange your cones/jugs like a launch and practice. In an hour you will have learned enough to try the actual launch. A boat launch is the worst place there is to learn how to backup a trailer.

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