FS FS: Oasis Gilley Fly Tying Bench


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The Gilly is a medium sized bench with lots of storage. The left arm is designed for bottles and the right arm for tools. the cutting board material used for the base is a highly non-stick surface. (19″ x 16″ x 4″)
The Gilly also has: 41 holes in a variety of sizes, 15 brass rods store 30 spools of thread, 4 plastic jars holes to store hooks, beads, or eyes, Surrounded on 4 sides to keep small items contained, Easy grab edges on side for carrying, C-clamp location on front left arm, Lightweight. Cost new is $187

Also included is The Fly Dock. A rippled foam attachment that fits in any half inch hole. A place to store finished flies. Includes 2 one inch magnets. Cost new is $28.

Video at Oasis web site at
for video

Asking $110. UPS CONUS shipping is about $30, so how about $10 to help cover shipping. PayPal OK, I will cover fees.

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