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Time to pass along a few rods to new homes. They are either duplicates or a couple of “impulse buys” which have never been used. Pictures available if you PROVIDE me with your email address. All prices include shipping to USA. Will be happy to discuss Shipping to Canada. PayPal only. Reasonable offers considered.

1. Winston Kairos 9’ 6wt. Lawn cast only. Very nice rod with fighting butt. Would be a great SRC rod in Puget Sound or for larger trout. A little faster than most Winston rods. I acquired this rod in a trade and do not have the warranty card but is eligible for Winston’s repair option. $225 shipped.
2. Winston BL5 9’ 8wt. Great travel rod as it’s a 5 piece. Salt safe Nice all-around mid fast rod. Solid, with only light Cork soiling.Think Bonefish. $300 shipped
3 Winston BL5 10’ 8wt. Also a 5 piece. In nice condition. Slight clear coat wear on one male ferrule which is not visible when assembled. Connection remains very solid. Light cork soiling Would be a great steelhead or combination rod for silvers and large trout. Nice soft fore end which becomes a real 8wt in the butt section. Think Alaska in the fall. $350 shipped
4. Hardy Jet 10’6” 4/5 wt sintrex switch rod. More of a 4wt than a 5wt. New with warranty card. Will include a new Airflo Scandi 300gr line. $300 shipped
5. Hardy Demon 11’ sintrex switch rod. New with warranty card. Super nice; light in hand. Will include a new airflow 350gr Scandi line. $425 shipped.
6. Anderson Custom 11’7’ Skandit Supreme. Part of Gary’ Elite series. Lawn cast only. Super nice rod for large trout or very capable for summer steelhead or smaller salmon. (I have two ACR 5wt rods so time for someone to get this one wet.) I will include an Airflo 420g Scandi line. $475 shipped.
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