Silver creek


I’ve been fishing silver creek a fair amount lately. But last weekend was interesting. On the way in I crossed this gal with 2 calves. I took a wide swath around and fished upriver. As I worked my way down river I came around a bend with another fisherman downstream. I stopped and was fishing for 20-25 minutes. I saw movement and as I glanced towards him I saw her come out of the trees and enter the water. She came within probably 30 feet of him and just stared. She never acted aggressively, but seemed more curious. I was worried she might charge.


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Wow, that stream is really neat. Never been to a place like that.


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Whew! I would be filling my waders if a momma moose was standing that close to me. Looks like that guy decided to just fish right through it. Brave or crazy!


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There's a few that live down low year round, you'll even bump into elk every once in a while out in lava beds. The other fisherman was lucky not become a red streak in the river. Those cows are known for being cranky even without calves near by.

Are you seeing much pressure there yet or are you still a little ways off from when the conservancy turns into a zoo?


There has been a little pressure. Not as much as most years. Fishing has been hit or miss, lots of small PMDs and callibaetis size 20-22 etc. I missed the drake hatch this year, but heard there were a few fantastic days.


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There has been a little pressure. Not as much as most years. Fishing has been hit or miss, lots of small PMDs and callibaetis size 20-22 etc. I missed the drake hatch this year, but heard there were a few fantastic days.
I know some people make a pilgrimage there every year for the Drake hatch. I haven't fished there in 15 years or so. I might just have to throw a rod in the rig when I'm over there in November for tossing a streamer or two if I have the extra time.


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Yeah I'd be shitting my pants if I saw a mom with two calves that close.

Not sure why but I've run into lots of moose this year. Some have been pretty close encounters.







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I've been chased a couple times. One year I was fishing the Beartrap and heard a commotion. Looked upriver and here is a cow coming full steam...down the middle of the river.
You can run in waders.FYI


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He could have been standing in her favorite crossing spot. Staring him down hoping he would move out of the way.


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Saw one floating the Green River (UT) last week. Apparently there are a few at river level in the canyon.


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We saw this big guy get awfully close last October on Rock Creek. I have some video somewhere, he actually was quite agitated and began jogging towards us, getting to within maybe 20-30 feet. Luckily we were in the car at the time.


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I had to read this twice. I thought you came across a farm gal with 2 moo moo calves. My mind must have gone back to this morning. I ran into another cattle drive on my way to Yellowstone. Glad you posted the pic to help me get it straight.

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I've bumped into Moose twice since moving here from MI. First time was on Silver Creek, the second was on Montana's Lander's Fork, just E. of Lincoln, N. of #20. Both times involved mothers with a single calf and me being as scared as I've ever been in my life. And, you can shit in your waders....
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that was one of my spookiest moments on the Kenai. the hair on the back of my neck stood up, i slowly looked up, i was on a gravel bar with a 7' bank behind me, and there was this cow moose trying to figure out what i was, the wind was in my favor. i just froze, she walked further on, down the embankment, walked out into the Kenai and only swam the last 20', she was huge. as soon as she hit the bank, two calves stood up in the grass on the opposite bank, phew.

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