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Wow. I live in Washington and see moose and bear, and rattlesnakes pretty much weekly, if not more. I've only seen three or four cougars in my life. Oddly, the two animals that are quite common around here I rarely see. Bobcats and badgers. There was a bobcat in our neighbors yard a few days ago, but I was too late to see it.
I get a no also on the bobcats and the one badger I've seen was roadkill by the side of I-84. Saw a porcupine once but no wolverine. My most close encounters with wildlife have been waking up in the middle of the night to find a squirrel standing on my head. He and his buddy were raiding our campsite. And a friend couldn't get over a chipmunk that came and stood on my shoe while I was eating lunch propped up against a tree stump.
Probably my spookiest encounter, and it wasn't all that spooky, was when hiking the trail to Castle Lake, I turned around to see a coyote following behind me but it left as soon as it saw me notice it.

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