Trip Report South and southeast

I decided to clear my head in southeast Oregon. A thousand miles over four days.

First I went here

and caught these.

Not big numbers of fish, but the quality was great. Beautiful trout, small and large. Fished all day in constant rain but the evening was cloudy and warm. As dusk approached I sat on a huge pale evening dun hatch. Over and over I watched my fly being ignored amongst very abundant motionless bugs which were being devoured by big fish and ducks alike. It was a great show. After running through a bunch of different flies I found one that I couldn't specifically identify when it floated among the naturals. That's when fishing got active. I caught what was easily the biggest wild trout I have ever hooked. That particular fish chose not to be photographed.

Then I drove here

and caught these.

This was a spectacular day. Sunny and warmish, with incredible scenery around every bend and very active fishing. I was very tired when I got done.

Overall a great trip.
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