Fly fishing buddy’s


Active Member I said, all y'all doesn't make it plural, because y'all is usually already plural. And I beg to differ on your other claim. In TX, at least, y'all is frequently singular...which was initially baffling to a native Minnesotan. I kept looking around to see who all they were talking to!

But really, southern grammer is sort of an oxymoron anyway.
Ha ha Yes this is absurd fun. The word 'group' is singular and 'groups' is the plural. All y'alls meaning more than one group, is plural.


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good luck with you n' your Uncle's horse.............
Thank you, I got him off successfully, although it took way longer than I expected. Half way through the dismount his pocket watch chain knotted itself to a leather tag and buckle.
Needless to say, the horse got very agitated during the event but calmed down imediatly after it was all over.
Who just said, " All over what ?" ?!


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Good day to you Fishin Bros and Sis's,
I know I'm still new here and I know I'm from another country where we spell stuff different sometimes.
Even if the computer says its wrong, I promise to always show you my true colours.

I want youse all to know that I am continuously independently working on my grammar and punctuation.
Please note that I can even itallic stuff up nowadays.
However, I still will never become friend to a computer.
I am just not fond of them.
I refuse to just take their word for everything.
They act so smart and smug, they can get a rise out of me but I can never get one out of them.
In fact, they don't even phish the way I thought was proper.
I especially will not tolerate them just going ahead and correcting me whenever they feel like it with no recourse.
It's rough on the fragile ego.

At any rate I thank you all.
This thread had life lessons for me to better myself from.
It has a better range of emotion, opening my eyes to a broader spectrum of worldview.
And the banter was also much better than the politically toned stuff of late.
My point, I guess, is now I am intrigued.
What's all this Jeremy stuff?
I wanna find it to read.
I am at work and it sounds hella funny.
Help a fishin' bro out?

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