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Fished Lake Ballinger on Friday later afternoon into the evening. First time on this lake so I started out trolling a green flash woolly bugger on a density compensated sinking lines that ends in a type 6 line. Did not see much bug activity, but did see a few fish roll and jump. Had 4 or 5 solid takes, landed two and lost two that jumped and spit the hook. Tried a few different flies, a mickey finn, a baitfish pattern I use for cutts, and a black & red bugger. Almost all of the takes were on the olive bugger.

As the evening progressed we saw more fish on the surface and some swallows working the water. Since we were getting a few fish I kept the same set up, but next time I think I would try a chironomid under an indicator, or maybe an olive balanced leech with a chironomid dropper.

Lots of cool looking bass water on that lake and we cruised the south end of the lake and tossed some bass poppers on floating lines into the lily pads and also around some downed logs near shore. No success, but I have to believe if you worked at it you would find some bass.

Best show of the night was when my son's friend, fishing in his float tube caught a nice fish. He was trying to make sure it was okay by moving it alongside his tube before letting it go. We see two big eagles leave their trees and head straight for him, but he has his back to them and has no idea they are coming. He released the trout and it started to swim away, maybe 10 feet from his tube when the eagle swooped down and grabbed it. The guy almost tipped backward in his tube he was so startled. and we almost fell in from our 12 foot boat from laughing so hard!

From those that have fished it, and other suggestions? Or any bass reports from the lake?



It's all good.
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Small to tiny emerger dries right before dark.
Agree with this, but watch out for bats when you're casting!

As for bass...yes, you'd think so. I've tried a bunch with no success. And I've been on the lake literally surrounded by schools of bass fry.
When I talk to guys fishing there, they all claim to know of someone who has caught bass there, but none have themselves.
Haven't given up yet!


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Thanks for the feedback. Not a glowing bass report but the habitat looks so good it is hard not to give it a try....

Speyrod GB

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I haven't fished that lake sine the late 70's. Yes, 1970's. I did my best hooking on an olive Carey special (size 8). We trolled them fairly close to shore with type 3 sinking lines. I doubt they were density compensated back them.

That lake was never one of my go to bass lakes. Stickney wasn't too bad of a bass lake. I would have no clue no though. Good luck.

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