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Being a redshirt freshman and as good as he looks and plays,there is a lot to look forward to in forthcoming years as he continues to develop...
Remember that when Eason came in, we had some decent upper classmen QB's transfer. Left a huge void. Morris has a great upside and he's not playing to polish his NFL resume.


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A few areas I think the Dawgs can improve on are the receivers (not the tight end) linebackers and safeties.
Without spring ball and such a weird season, it is learning on the go and they are a relatively young team.

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I’m late on the civil war result. Ducks fan here, sorry folks.
Great game by the Beavs. They stuck with it and made it count when they needed to. The ducks have so much talent, but they’re young and raw, and it looked like they thought they would win by virtue of being the Ducks in the Civil War. That sure didn’t pan out.
That was a great win for the Beavs, they deserved it all the way. I hope the QB is okay.


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In a day and age where feel good stories are in too short supply it was heartening to read of and watch clips of the Vanderbilt soccer goalie/ football place kicker. As the father of 2 fiercely independent daughters and 3 grand daughters who take after their moms I particularly enjoyed the statement on the back of Sarah Fuller's helmet.


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'Dawgs playing like dogs today. The color commentator is just insufferable! He speaks almost entirely in footballese cliche's. Announcing certainly has fallen on hard times, I miss the days of Keith Jackson and further back-Don Meredith.:(

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All of the above
Some of the dudes from “The Wide World of Sports” would work right now
Some of the oldsters know what I’m talking about
The agony of defeat as the ski jumper just f’s himself on the jump
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