gonna try Lone on Saturday


~El Pescador
anyone want to get out on the lake?

I fished a local lake yesterday afternoon - Wilderness - and got one small trout, one sunfish and two perch.
probably done with that lake.

plan to be on Lone by 9:00, catching a 7:30 ferry with breakfast somewhere.
will be on the look out for that whale......



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Nice idea; anyone have a recent water temp? About that time to avoid the lower lakes, but it hasn't been that hot. I've been up in Alaska chasing Chinook so no recent experience. (we boated 33 Chinook BTW!)


~El Pescador
nice on the chinook. gonna hang up the fly gear soon and start chasing salmon in the sound - with gear!

Lance Magnuson

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I fished Lone last Monday. Surface temps are high and ended up at 70 degrees when I got off. Caught two but took awhile to revive. I’m done until water cools in September.

On a side note, the perennial bait fishers were there (with requisite lawn chairs) and once again I called the poaching hotline. I was surprised when a WDFW officer showed up but too late as the bait fishers had left.

I thanked him for responding. He told me to continue calling in as it’s a damn shame that the resource is being abused.


~El Pescador
had a great day on Lone on Saturday. high clouds and light winds. two guys in boats chiro fishing, two other boats going for bass. I worked two rods thru out the day and got fish both trolling and stripping.
the fish are nice size. 8 to the boat with the smallest being 14" and the rest were 16"-20".
I did an Ira and got a double.
water temp was 67/68 degrees. fish fought hard and took off when released.
kind of reminded me of the days on Lenice when you caught nice hard fighting rainbows.



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