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Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster

I'm looking for people to fish with this summer. I live in the Wallingford area. I normally go out with my brother but he has given up on fly fishing in WA, getting skunked has been our norm. I like fishing rivers and streams and prefer spots that are hard to get to. I've tried middle and south fork of Snoqualmie, Raging river, Taneum creek, and all kinds of lakes. I haven't tried alpine lakes yet. I know the East side is better but it is a bit of a drive for me and I'm perfectly happy catching small boys. Lately I've been working on the Cedar; I enjoy its flow a lot more than south fork and it is extremely convenient.


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Welcome! Sounds like you've paid some dues and aren't afraid to pay a few more. That's a great start anywhere. I'm not very close to you, and I do most of my fishing further west and south from where I live (Oly), so I'm probably not the fishing buddy you're looking for if you don't like to go very far (I can relate).

There's decent fishing to be had in the places you named, but it's spotty in my limited experience. If the sun's out, finding wood and skating dries along the edges of it seems to work well. Terrestrials (ants and beetles) and attractors seem to work anywhere you find fish...on the right day. Don't know the Cedar... Must have heard too many stories about vehicle prowls or something.

Fish before noon and after dinner to avoid the steady summer tube hatch....

Good luck out there. Keep working and learning your local water. It will pay off.

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