FS Sold. ~(hardy made ) ~ orvis hydros wff8 bass line ~good value


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Many thanks for looking in for all those who support this website,

I just found the missing spool to my mastery reel which I sold last year to somebody on the site perhaps somebody is looking for one it is somewhat rare to find. Great shape, 39.95. Picked up. Or add 6.89 for shipping
New Hampshire
**** orvis hydros bass wff8. - I used this line once, I tried overloading my tfo 7 wt with it, just doesn’t work great line, in excellent condition, $29.95 shipped I need a 7 wt line
Venmo or PayPal, many thanks


David Loy

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Got me excited for a minute there. I could use another Marquis 8/9 spool but don’t think they’re interchangeable.
Good luck.

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