Kids and bugs

Matt Paluch

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One of the greatest pleasures in fly fishing with kids is exploring all the bug life that our pastime depends on. I had my 9 year old out on a local reservoir that has a decent Hex hatch. I caught an emerging nymph and it hatched right in his hands.

Here's another picture of him with one of the flies we caught.


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Bugs, reptiles, amphibians, feeding small rodents, and hucking rocks into lakes saved many an outdoor outing when our kids and grandkids were little.

Travis Bille

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So cool! I had my daughter at Hat creek one time when she was 4. She goes "daddy, there's a hexagenia mayfly in the water!" I told her no, it's probably not, they don't live in this creek. She insisted so I went up and looked and sure as shit, there was a hex. It must have flown up from the reservoir downstream or something. I was a proud papa!


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Matt - Good job on showing your kids a bit of nature. More than a few people (adults included) would be frightened of a hexagenia. I've never been around a numbers hatch of these amazing bugs - did see quite a few hatch from the reservoir at Priest Rapids.

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