Non-political "Be nice to fly shops and fly fishing companies right now" thread


Funny... I haven't seen any more people out fishing than usual. Perhaps this is a bunch of married folks looking for any excuse to get out of the house, and the fishing gear's a ploy to fool "the spouse?"

Then again, we have seen a fair number of folks putting up "fishing buddy" posts lately... Glad they're not fishing where I'm fishing (not yet, anyway), but the sport and industry could sure use a shot in the arm, so I'm glad more people at least threatening to start fishing....

Hang in there, @Evan Burck . The OGs around here appreciate our fly shops and the proprietors thereof. I'll have to remember to be extra nice to Bjorn next time I drop in. Hope he has some inventory left:eek:....
It may be that no one's going to the store and ordering online/via phone has increased exponentially. The result may be that you don't see any/many more people on the lakes/rivers.


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Evan, I'm glad you folks are busy. Krazy times for sure. Some business is crazy good, and some are crazy bad. I'm really glad that some businesses are busy now, because they are what's left of our formerly ginormous economy. I promise not to buy any new rods or reels until inventory supplies catch up, but I might have to get a couple new fly lines sooner instead of later.


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People get worked up over the most meaningless shit.

We have tens of thousands dying, millions out of work, and society as we know is breaking down right in front of us. But my fly rods.

Hang in there folks.

Tristan Mikoleit

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A very good reminder, thanks Evan.

It's safe to assume in all interactions that the other person is not currently at their best. It doesn't matter what resources they have comparitively, we are all at least a little off our games at this point.


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Thanks for the posts Evan! and Everyone else!
I read it somewhere that this whole situation has made the good people better and the "bad" people worse.
It's all in your attitude and in realizing as was said above, look at the big picture, get the right perspective and we can all get through this.
Until the next time :)

Rob Allen

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I'm always blunt to a fault, and a lot of folks don't like that. I'm not afraid to tell someone something they don't want to hear, and I usually take the heat for it. And if you called my company, chances are very high it's me someone would talk to these days.

One thing to keep in mind, too, about timelines and all that: they're ALWAYS estimates. If someone asks me when a product will be back, I'll say "the factory says early next month... but there's so many variables that it could be a month or two after that. especially right now, customs can hold containers for weeks on end." - in my experience, if I tell this to someone, be it a shop employee or someone waiting on a warranty replacement, they hear the "early next month" part and hold us to that. So I"m getting to where I won't give any kind of estimate, because I'm held to whatever the soonest possible date could be in a best case scenario.

So I can empathize with both sides, but it is very tough to give timelines, especially right now.

This again is true. I've been made a liar so many times in the last 4 months. " yes maam, the computer says your dryer will be in the store next week, a month later, no dryer... i doubt many people are lying to customers, the supply chain is lying to employees and they pass on the info.


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Thank you for speaking out, Evan. People need to hear from those who serve, during this extremely difficult time.

This disease is causing everyone stress, in one form or another. And we can forget our manners when things are going poorly.

Here in B.C., I think we have an advantage with this problem, by having a provincial health officer who constantly reminds us to "be kind, be calm, and be safe." We have heard her say that during every televised COVID update she makes, which is almost daily. Every knows the mantra. Maybe you've heard of our Dr. Bonnie Henry. The New York Times had an article on her:

Hopefully, "be kind, be calm, be safe" will last into the future, because COVID will be with us for a long, long time. And even when it's no longer such a threat, there will always be other very stressful times that will test our manners.


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Sales guy here...
Well done Evan, it’s appreciated and appropriate. It’s been brutal with unrealistic expectations.

Ive lost business during this wu flu because of my honesty in explaining demand, time-lines, supply issues, vendor issues, basically clients were asked to lower expectations based on current conditions. I walked from A-holes by overpricing, but the decent realistic people have received value they were not expecting.

Hang in there brother!


Bob Rankin

Thanks for posting, and I do appreciate and support small fly shops! All good things come to those that wait.

I would be terrible at customer service :)
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Evan Burck

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Oh one more thing while we're on the topic:

If you call, talk to, or deal with anyone at any business who has to talk to the public: the last thing they want to discuss is covid. If you're tempted to start small talk around that topic, don't. I'm to the point now when someone tries to start that conversation, I flat refuse and say "change of subject." You can only do it so much.

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