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This summer is the first summer I've had to really fish all the time like a retired (part-time teacher) person would dream about. I was hopping to start fishing like this last summer but I got the shingles 2 days after school ended. I've had a chance to put all I learned at different points over the years to use and just catch lots of fish. I've got to see the seasons now, different times of day, water levels, temperatures and bugs. Stuff I never noticed before. I've had a chance to try different fly versions in a real comparative way. Seems like the more I do the more I see. I've even had a chance to learn where a big fish lives, just like in the literature, and now to catch it. First it inhaled and spit out my indicator. Next trip it swallowed a 10" rainbow I was fighting. I'm going to go back with a streamer.
In high school and college I got to fish like this. I fished quite a bit at points with the boys and their mom (always gear). At other points I didn't fish much, work or whatever.
It was always important to catch a fish. For one to keep the boys interested. When I went by myself, well, you know why. I read lots of stories in books and magazines about how to fish and where to fish and some new technique. We got into trout fishing with spinning gear in the lakes because that's all I though was worth while. I never did well in the rivers or other places I didn't know, other than after the old day stocker truck visits.
Some of my problems as the weekend guy, maybe once a month if lucky, were where to go and access? What to use? What gear? What technique? I hit easy accesses and would try something I just read about. I could picture all the stuff in the book, but in the few hours I had how to approach it? Usually caught something, but not like now.
I spent a lot of time with the wrong fly for time of year. Spent too much time fishing dries at inappropriate times. Tried techniques that were not suited to where I was fishing. Just changed what I tried too often to give anything a proper shot. I bought too much crap, and could never decide what to use. All this led to lack of fishing with confidence and I got the appropriate outcomes.
If I knew then what I know now I'd of got the kids into fly fishing sooner. Luckily they like to fish and my youngest now fly fishes.
I think I worried too much about finding a place with lots of fish or big fish. There are lots of fish around. When I really started to focus on one technique, wet flies, several years ago, I caught more fish no matter where I went. I went through a indicator and nymph stage and got OK at that too. Same waters I tough weren't worth much before. Worrying less about where and focusing on how made a big difference for me.
I know people don't like to hotspot but I share some of what I know pretty freely. I feel for the weekend guy and the conundrum of where to go and what to use. I hate to see them give it up like I did for lack of fun.Fly fishing is too worthwhile, both for the family values and environmental ethos fly fishing seems to encompass. I know there is probably lots of water around that could handle a few more people. Maybe if people had more options we would see a few less bodies on the most famous ones. Again, I don't have any answers to the big questions in life, and some secrets need to be kept. And retirement was a goal to be earned, so that I can do this. But somewhere there is a balance.
I fished in north-seattle quite a bit over the years, always freshwater. Watching posts I think next time I go see mom I might go try sea-run cutts at Carkeek Park or something. I've got a pretty good idea of what gear to bring and flies that might work from you folks. Didn't really know it was even an option from my limited world view. I fished the stream as a little kid. Anyway, in my ramblings I guess I appreciate it when people share their trips and pic's and what they know about fishing.

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