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i went up yesterday afternoon to try a new section of local river that comes out of a reservoir and i've found some good fish in down lower. total bust. everything in the upper canyon area was absolutely covered in a weird, felt-like, tanish algae. water looked off color but i think it was just the bottom. i had a couple of 4-5 inch fish flash in one pocket, and saw a couple frogs. i should have come in lower, oh well. it was a couple miles in so i spent most of my outing walking in and out of the canyon and getting a little exercise. on the way back down, i stopped and worked about 100 yard section of a very small trib that i knew held very small fish, and picked up a few 6-7 inch fish on ehc. i was focused on a nice plunge pool with some depth that gave up a couple fish to the dries but i felt had to have more to give. i was in the woods and the sun was starting to go down so i tied on a heavy beaded caddis larvae, no indicator, and did one high-stick through from the top. leader bounced right in the sweet spot and i set up - i was hopeful for a 9-10 fish that these creeks sometimes surrender, but i could feel instantly this was considerably heavier. one of the better fish-size-to-creek-size ratio trout i have taken, and really a magnificent beauty - perfect in every way. gauged against my rod i think it was ~13"-14"

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Got any pics of the growth?
i thought about it matt, but kept getting distracted by trying to fish. i did take a pic of a frog, let me go check and see if any of that muck was in frame...

edit: the light was shadowy and you can't see it. that was the only pic i took on that stream. i'll send you a pm @Matt B ...

Gary Thompson

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When you talk about river algae, rock slime, etc.
After my youngest son moved to MT I went to visit and we fished the Missouri river north of Helena.
Talk about big trout "Wow"
Back to algae and slim.
Wading was not to bad in tennis shoes when I first visited, but year after year the algae and rock slim got worse and worse. I had to start wearing wading boots and using a wading staff to keep from falling.
I ask my son what was up.
He told me the ag/farm chemicals were the reason.

Ian Horning

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The unscientific term I've heard for that stuff is rock snot. It likes to get caught on your hooks and makes even the most casual river crossings and wading scenarios interesting.

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