FS Burkie - Winston -orvis fly rods


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8133-3 Burkie classic - used , strong powerful rod, with Burkie soul , great BC Everything Spey, extreme juju stick 1000 plus club hookups steelhead and salmon , use to be all I used , don’t go after big boys and large river enough to justify keeping: $420

Winston -1m6 -8.5 ft -6 wt - 2 piece ,Used,great dry fly rod , nice sweet old school Winston action , be great for local live on or near the right spot

Orvis superfine glass 7.5ft 4 wt - lightly used
S-2 glass so can handle large fish no problem , local bass hole special
$300- warranty card included sold

Orvis superfine glass 6.5 ft 2 wt - NEW , cast bro’s , sweet rod accurate casts farther than u need in most situations , loved short 27 ft orvis super fine line , true 2 wt , $350 warranty card included sold
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Rob Allen

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That 8133 is an old one, that is to say a great one. You can tell by the shape that Kerry ground the handle. It's actually likely that Kerry did all the work on that rod. I believe that one day they will be the most collectible.


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Kerry did do all the work back then , 7113-3,8113-3,9143-3 were the ones back 20 yrs ago, wind cutter days . The 8 and 9 wts were ones I used, 9143-3 loved the wind cutter, big boy tips to touch and go dry line . 8133-3 is so much lighter swing wt so started fishing it and leaving 9143-3 alone . I would fish hard for month straight and never get tired or beat up from 8133-3 , lots of soul in that lineup, 133 seems to be money length in 7 and 8 wts for medium to large rivers .


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Burkie , Winston , orvis 4 wt glass still available

Burkie’s a legendary rod priced close to 1/3 of new one

Winston be good for lovers of old e glass , sweet medium - slow to medium action

Orvis 4 wt glass endless great reviews ,S2 glass faster than u think , similar to medium graphite with more enjoyable fight on fish

$1000 gets u all three

Lower 48 only

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