What's Your Preference for Wading Boots


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I just got the Greenback model. Very light and good price.

Traditional laces. I heard issues with BOA system for fishing, especially in salt.
I was leaning towards the Terror Ridge for the sake of tradional laces and ankle support. Never was a fan of the BOAS, not enough support and too loose..


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I was leaning towards the Terror Ridge for the sake of tradional laces and ankle support. Never was a fan of the BOAS, not enough support and too loose..
Those would be a nice option for wading boots.

Nice thing about Korkers is the changeable soles. Instead of buying a whole new pair of boots once the felt wears down, it appears I can get multiple refreshments of the same pair by buying new felt soles every few years.

Only thing I like BOA on is snowboarding boots.

curtis bias

I'm currently wearing Korkers with the Omnitrax 3.0 designed soles. I wear the black felt soles in places that allow them. I wear the thick, rubber soled Triple Threats with the Aluminum Hex Discs when felt is against regulations. They are heavy, but fantastic.
I wear the plain rubber soles as an approach sole to save wear and tear on the felt or hex discs. The boots were stiff at first, but after breaking them in, they were fine.

I really like the Korkers. I just have laces. No Boas system. My only complaint is that the eyelets on my boots are showing some surface rust. They probably should have used metal eyelets out of a different metal.

My boots prior to the Korkers were felt soled things from Orvis and Albright.


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From what I've been reading that there appears to be that Korkers have a lot of followers. Korkers offer much better versatility for different conditions. I currently own a pair of Orvis Encounter felt wading boots but it requires me to lug another pair of hiking boots along. Simply having to carry along another sole is so much easier both in weight and size. I'm really impressed with the Korkers Terror Ridge for the standard laces and ankle support. I'm heavily leaning towards trying a pair out once this COVID gets better under control..


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I would like to prefer this waterproof work boots, There are several advantages of safety toe, slip resistant, puncture resistant, Electrical Shock protection. comfortable and quickly dry.It good to wear it when fishing, although a little heavy shoes



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I've been thinking lately of getting another pair of wading boots, I'd need to get a size 12. I'd prefer to get a quality pair that has a good reputation. I've got a pair of Orvis felt soled wading boots now but I find that they need to get cleaned thoroughly after every use to prevent carryovers from contaminating streams, I'm assuming most people do this..? Rubber boots are much better for contamination control and walking but are rather slick for use in the water. Then there are the Korkers that have the interchangeable soles, not sure have great they'd be. The waders that come with the boot attached are super easy for getting on and off but the boots I find lack ankle support. I much prefer a separate boot merely for the added ankle support. There's also so many different brands to go with, some are great and some are to be avoided. My concern is with the sole type, ankle support and longevity. I did a search on this site but most of what I found were related to boot quality or support. What's your preference on felt over rubber soles, one brand over another, any opinions on this..? May be I'm just rehashing a moot point..?

Edit: Any preference to using cleats on your boots..?
Simms, hands down most comfortable. Headwaters or other desired. Felt unless you worried about whirling d.

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