Bass fishing - blasphemy?

Hi,The two things i'd like to add is,bass are not leader shy so put a good stout one out there,6-10 lbs(buy a spool of mono) the latter wt. in brush etc.and use a strip strike as the bass have a tuff mouth on them...use the line and butt of the rod not the tip or you will not get a good hook set,they are not trout,point the tip at the fish and pull hard,give it 2or3 good pulls) at the same time raising the handle a bit to help transfer the power...hope this helps
Wouldn't it be great to see a fly fisherman on the bass pro tour. Would make it a hell of a lot more interesting, to me anyway. You would think that there would be an advantage too - being able to pick up more line, faster. And using lighter "lures", with more natural movement. I don't know.. it would be cool though. Any volunteers (I'm not talking Tennesse Orange)?

(sorry Bob, just noticed that you already mentioned this)

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black ghost said:
God I love those river smallmouths on the fly. Been after them all summer ask the Old Man he knows.

I know absolutly nothing about Bass. Don't even want to fish for them. They are not trout so I leave them alone.

Nice smallie by the way. :thumb: I'd like to learn to fish for them more. I've caught a few by chance but never got them down to a science. Smallies and Pike are two fish I really want to get friendly with in the near future.
Smallmouth are a little different game than their larger mouthed cousins. Back home, fishing for smallmouth was considered a little more "sophisticated" than largemouth fishing. Probably because the smallies were a little less populated & live in colder water with cleaner bottoms than the largemouths.
Smallmouth on a fly are great. I caught this one this past May on the Columbia. I used a Crawfish pattern, casting up against the rip-rap.
The fly would barely start sinking and they would whack it. This one had several Crawfish in various stages of digestion in it's mouth and throat that landed all over the boat. Released back to make more. What a hoot.... :thumb:
Nice fish, gcbcaddis! I've caught them like that here at Potholes, but not yet on the fly rod. Biggest is about 15" on the fly rod so far.

What part of the Columbia is that? Reminds me of Crow Butte a bit.
I've caught them like that here at Potholes, but not yet on the fly rod
Guys...I know of one other guy who fishes O'Sullivan like I do.

I'll be out there in my pontoon Aug 24 - 27...alone as usual and getting a fish every other cast...some up to 15". The water between the dam and Goose Is. is a prop-eater and the fish are pretty much untouched. A 6wt floater, a 4 inch white bunny leech...and a fish fry every night.
Good eye Atomic Dog, We were in that area. A mile or so upriver from Crow Butte Island/State park. We fished the rip-rap on the Washington side. Almost every point we came to had a good number of fish this one was the largest one of the day. the average was 15"-18".
Spent a nice hour and a hlaf on a local lake last night fishing for Bass and White Crappie. Funny thing was while I have fished this local lake a lot in past years, I had not fished it at all this year even though its less the 15 minutes from home. I caught many small 4"-6" bass, lots of 8"-10" bass and one nice 2 LBS Bass as well as some nice white crappie. I would guess that very large Crappie I caught and released last year has had a few young now and most likely at least some of those guys are from that big mama. Up untill that large Crappie I never had caught one from that lake before. This year the lake seems to be holding a couple good sized schools of them.
While out on the lakes saw lots of Bass and Crappie up in the shallows holding in typical holding spots around stumps and all. Also saw one nice sized for the lake Rainbow in the shallows above a downed tree with a bait hook and swivel and maybe 8" of line hanging out just chilling in the shallows. While I did cast in after spotting some of the bass and crappie in the shallows I left the trout alone since the lake is small and the water right now is very warm. All in all it was a very relaxing evening for Amie and I even though she only caught a couple of small Bass.
I hope I attached this correct. If so, then it is a James River Smallmouth. Came it at 7 and 1/4 pounds. To give the photo some perspective, I have a huge head and weigh around 250. FAT MAN CATCH FAT FISH.

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