WTB Outcast OSG Striker


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After floating in my OSG Commander this Spring and Summer I am ready to jump to the Striker. I know there have been a few requests lately for folks looking for a Striker sitting around, but, if anyone has one they are willing to sell please PM me.

I’m near Seattle and willing to drive to pick up.

Thanks in advance.

TinyBigs (aka Bryce)

Mel King

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Call Anil at Puget Sound he'll take care of ya. Got mine in 4 days plus he knows how to set them up correct the first time. If your looking for a used one Good luck.


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I just bought one and absolutely love it. I posted a thread here: https://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/157170/

And a user replied about a Facebook post. I got in contact with the Facebook poster but ended up going local. Might be worth it to reach out to them. Sounds like they have a brand new boat for sale- if they haven’t moved it.
Thanks! It was your post that gave me the encouragement to see what might be out there.

Twin Falls is a journey, but, will check it out.


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I spoke with Anil and he tried to find one for me, but, they are scarce. Looks like October before Outcast will have more.

In the meantime, tight lines everyone and stay safe!


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