Tiger Musky


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
You just have to watch out for the water skiers and jet skiers.
and the cop boats. I have friends on the lake and they stay off the water during the heat of the summer. More or less sit in their lawn chairs and watch all the idiots get tickets - mainly the jet skiers.
I say all that and I have yet to fish the lake.

good luck with the muskies. my friends see them a lot. calm mornings and evenings slowly cruising the docks.

Yep, know folks that live there as well which is why I mentioned fishing it now before it becomes a complete cluster in the summer.
There is still likely a chance you’ll see water skiers or jet skiers at this time of the year, but nothing like summer.
There are always those that will water ski or jet ski during cold weather months.
I saw jet skiers on Puget Sound in both January and February. To much shrinkage for this old dude.....


Those damn wakeboard boats make the main lake impossible to fish during the summer.. Turns it into a real washing machine. Gotta find more sheltered water. It's fun to hook up right off the swimming beaches, though.

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