Where to go?

I am going to fish tomorrow off of the beaches. I really don't know where the best places are around edmonds. I have herd the mukultio beach can be good but I have also herd of picnic point. could anyone help? Thanks a lot.
I fished both on friday.. They are only about 15 minutes apart so I would suggest trying them both for yourself. Pinic point has a more gradual slope, while Mukultio is a little steeper. Overall, pretty different locations. Picnic pt. was more enjoyable for me b/c there were less people there and I could wade out for plenty of elbow room... but what do I know - this was my first time to both spots and it was pretty much High, slack tide, the whole time. Not too surprisingly, I didn't catch anything either place. I bet you couldn't do worse than that.. Give it a shot.

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