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Sorry, this morphed into several trips but I couldn't figure out how to edit the title.

My brother in law came from Oklahoma and wanted to do some stillwater fishing while he was here.
It's late in the year as far as water temps but we've been fortunate with the extended cool spring so gave it a shot.

Our first outing, 7/10, might just as well have been to the Dead Sea as we were limited by the wind and managed one 16" Bass for the day. The lake was a no motor lake and this old guy rowing the 14' Hewescraft was no match for the wind so we were confined to a sheltered area near the launch.

DAY 2, 7/12, started with great expectations but ended up having more than a few hurdles along the way.
(This is a copy of an email sent to a couple of forum members.)

Well, I'll just say that it was another one of THOSE days.
We got a little later start due to the fact that my BIL, who has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, moves slow in the morning which I understand. Once we were loaded and I went to start my truck it turned over a little slow. Hmmm.
By the time I got to the rental house and hooked up the boat the truck wouldn't start so I cleaned the battery terminals and used a jump box to start it. Then it was off to Walmart for a new battery. Got the battery and had to head back home to get the tools needed to change it. By the time we got back to the house the original battery showed a full charge so we took off with the new battery and needed tools along. I also had the jump box plus jumper cables and the trolling motor battery for extra security.

Finally, we're on the road and since the day is starting to get warm I turn on my a/c and the blower fan isn't working. After fiddling I found that it did work but on the highest speed only.
Strangely, about 45 minutes later it went back to normal operation.

We got to the lake around noon and questioned whether we could get the boat through about 75 yards of weed and tule choked shallows. Me being me, we launched the 14' Hewes and made it through to the windy as the hubs of hell lake. BIL was on the oars and I had a duck billed push pole to get through the tules.
Once on the lake, I rigged up my Fishin' Buddy depth finder and no screen, switched batteries and had the same results. I had my old depth finder in the truck so it was back through the tules again.
At this point anyone with a lick of common sense would have realized that the deck was stacked against them but...
Once we were back on the lake we anchored at different depths and I employed every method I knew using two rods. I went through at least 40 fly changes with not so much as a strike.
BIL had a wimpy 4 wt. Winston with a double taper line that was no match for the wind when trying to cast an indicator and 12-15' of leader. With effort a 15' cast was about it but he still had a line in the water.

After all of that we caught one 17" fish on the type 7 as we rowed out around 6:30. Of course the wind had finally laid down and the lake was dead calm.

Different lake, different day.
The afternoon before we left I dusted off the jet which hadn't been used this season and launched it at Long Lake.
Happily, everything was in working order and I raised one Bass while screwing around with a popper.
The next morning we arrived around 8:30 and there was only one group camped but several boats were already on the water. Surprisingly, all were bigger bass boats. A few others also came and went through the day.

When we launched the water was dead calm but really off color and 71-72 degrees.
Much of the launch bay had weed growth at or near the surface so was basically unfishable.
Unfortunately the calm didn't last very long, should've believed the weather man, and a good part of the day was a wind fight with winds switching back and forth from SW to NE.

With water temps that high I assumed that the fish would be deeper so we started trolling through the narrows with type 7 lines. I had one solid hit going through and then hooked and lost one along the rock cliffs on the left.
Most of the fish marked were in the 20-40' range and trying to keep the boat straight and slow enough for our lines to stay in the zone was a struggle.

My goal was to explore the lower lake and we hooked and lost a couple more while we worked our way towards it.
The narrows going into the lower had quite a bit of weed growth but I was able to get through with the jet trimmed up.
Once we reached the deeper water there the fishing improved.
As always, we had a number of hooked fish come unpinned and each of us broke a bigger fish off. I broke mine off on a 16' balanced leech/indicator setup when the indicator wouldn't release and repeated efforts to get the fish close enough to net it.
I also had my indicator go down twice while digging in the cooler for a sandwich...par for the course. At that point I would have continued with the indi rig but with 25 lbs. off the bow and 22 lbs. off the stern we still kept losing anchor.

We left the lower end around 3:00 and of course the wind was even stronger on the open waters of the main lake. After constantly trying to keep the boat on the straight and true with the bow mount electric and no action we decided to head back to the ramp. I did spend about 5 minutes with the bass popper in the launch bay but again the wind plus the weeds were a pain in the butt so rather than continuing to practice my profanity any longer I wrapped it up.
Everyone, other than the campers who had their boat tied to the dock all day, had more sense than us and already had left.

All in all it was a pretty good day even though we only managed to get 7 fish to the net that needed little if any revival.

Some of the natural beauty and one tough wildflower.
IMG-4102 (1).JPG

Then there's these guys.:( IMG-4103 (1).JPG

My brother-in-law with a bent rod and a smile.
IMG-4100 (1).JPG

And lastly, the master at work.
:D:D:D FullSizeRender (3).jpeg
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