A Question on Reporting Closed Water


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I live close to Peshastin creek and have seen it fished about 6 times this summer knowing it's closed. Do you yell at someone when they're fishing? Do you wait until they are done? Do you call/report online?

It's in an RV park across the river that advertises fishing on their website. Then when Leavenworth has a busy weekend and they are full, I usually see someone fishing with a regular rod/reel.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Dustin Bise

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id reach out to your LOCAL enforcment officers and ask them if they can do some patrols or talk to the park owners.

the tip line wont get you far without basically submitting court ready evidence. WDFW prefers to pursue cases they have a chance in hell of winning in court.


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Did you see any fish caught? Pretty little stream. Glad I never tried to fish it LOL.


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Suggest you bring a copy of the reg over to the Campground and show it to the owner. Other steps to follow after that. While you're over there, check and see if they have "closed waters" signs posted.

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