Why my bench is messy...


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Ugh. My wife just informed me she has family coming for holidays and we are slated for new flooring, which means my upstairs man cave has to be moved. 20 plus years of stuff, my current tying table of madness,my old desk that is buried in bags of hides, and my reloading bench. Looking forward to forgotten treasures to be found and setting all my crap back up in an organized manner. I have until the first week of November when flooring is getting done, so I have plenty of time. I’ve been dreading this, but it’s time to upgrade. And probably time for a yard sale of stuff...

Scudley Do Right

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You're post reminded me of something slightly off topic, but funny, trust me....

Used to work in construction back in the day. We were demolishing the guts of a building in Seattle and had one of those huge trash shoots from a window on like the 4th floor down to a dumpster on the street level -- the big tubes that look like a playground toy at McDonalds. Anyway, one of the people on the crew actually threw himself away. He was tossing a garbage can full of construction rubbish into the shoot, the end of a steel stud hanging out of the can hooked his coat, he dropped the whole can and it pulled him down the shoot... sort of like a water slide in hell or something. So we all had to go down and search through the trash for our buddy.

Good news is he wasn't seriously hurt, bumps, bruises and a few cuts. OK, back to the topic at hand...
One of those chutes knocked my dad off the side of the Kingdom during the remodel. Something lodged in the chute but they kept throwing trash in it. It got too heavy and some of the cables snapped and it swung down to the side. I think he just broke his wrist but the guy he was working with was hurt pretty bad.


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Find anything you hadn’t seen in about 20 years ? Hopefully nothing growing.
Yes, I found some old old stuff. Even a box of Everett Caryl’s ties, lots of discontinued materials and hooks. I used that table for about 10 years or more. Now on to the re-loading bench , ugh.

Bob Newman

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Found the fly body hooks on eBay, sold by Partridge now. Not sure what the other would be called, possibly a shaped body for Zonkers.

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