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When my cousin invented an articulated damsel nymph in the late 80’s, he c&r’d over 70 on the same fly at Chopaka one day. I’ve always done well enough with that pattern I’ve never really played with adult damsels. I have caught bass with adult dragons


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I’m going to try these in the hopes the fish are keying in on the wings when taking adults.

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My highly uneducated guess of trout keying in on the wings may have something to it (probably not).

There’s a place on a body of water I fish that always holds fish taking adult damsels. In my previous trips to that spot I’ve never even got a sniff from a fish.

On my last outing to that spot-
The winged version damsel landed 3 and lost 2. That’s 5 encounters I’ve never had there before when the fish are on adult damsel.

Realistically the wings probably had nothing to do with it and the fish were just in a eat anything mood. But.... I’m tying up some more winged damsels just in case.
Well this one worked at Chopaka one year around Memorial Day. The fish in the calm water near shore refused it but out about 50’ in the wave action, it consistently caught fish.


At another WA lake I fish during the summer, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You can watch the Rainbows jumping out of the water eating adult damsels paired up and flying just above the surface.

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