Looking for advice on the Lower Salmon


Doing a float with the family for a week. Any advice, greatly appreciated.

I am imagining smallies but would love to know about other species I should be prepared for. I would also appreciate fly and and fishing techniques that have been successful for you in the past.

thanks a ton in advance


Johnathon Quarrell

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My buddies were down there 2 weeks back and did well on smallies. He was nymphing primarily but fly choice I couldn’t tell you. Quite a few nice sized fish I saw in his photos. Sounds pretty fun good luck!


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Thanks Mike

Did color or size make a big difference? We’re did you fish them on sinking line?
White/chartreuse or white/brown, both worked in size 4's and 6's. I opted for a floating line and 10' tapered leader, easier for me to mend.

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