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Here’s a first for me. Was out trolling in MA9 today when my downrigger was acting weird. Pulled up the ball and I saw some fishing line wrapped about wire. Instead of just cutting the line I started handlining the line in. To my surprise I saw a rod tip and pulled in a Sage downrigger rod with a Islander MR3 Mooching reel. Both were were great condition. Score. Funny thing is the guy I was fishing with today said on Saturday he snagged a fishing line and thought he had caught someone’s line. Seeing he was not near anyone, he just cut the line. The line on the Islander and the line my buddy cut was yellow. (He told me the story before we caught that line). Pretty sure we both caught the same lost rod and reel. The rod I pulled in did not have anything at the end.


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My friends kid once caught a rod and reel while trolling for salmon. There was a fish on the end of the line they snagged.

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