Not tying mayflies anymore?


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I just was organizing pictures and notes and noticed I have not used a mayfly imitation all year. I started last winter with mostly stoneflies, caddis this spring, and lately terrestrials and stoneflies again. I did use an Adams a few times and a few streamers and buggers. And an attractor dry was the renegade. I think when I fished occasionally I used the mayfly too often as that's where the books and mags seemed to focus. Just sharing an observation.

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I’ve fished generalized mayfly patterns in addition to foam attractors and the fish seem okay with that. If my travels take me to a certain tailwater next week, I’ll be fishing tricos from sun-up for bank feeders on duns until the last remnants of the spinner fall.



Living at the place of many waters
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Sorry for the weird post. I couldn't sleep and my mind was racing. My daughter in law just got diagnosed with cancer and then a couple hours later my uncle called and my mom fell again and I was trying to distract myself. I guess my point was by knowing the streams better I have a much better idea of what I should be tying.


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So sorry to hear that! What an awful day of news for you and your family!

I rarely fish realistic mayfly imitations, but fish a lot of scruffy patterns that could be a mayfly, after a couple drinks in dim light.


My experience with small streams is that the trout can be absolutely indifferent to mayflies. I've seen incredible hatches and not a single rise. But I have also seen them pay attention. Not sure why the differences.

That said, I think a para adams is my favorite searcher.


I usually run a "March brown" imitation in size 16-20 all year in brown and natural griz and black with ginger or natural griz. Between the two i usually do pretty good. It's non offensive in size and i feel makes it less intimidating for a fish to check it out as I get the majority of my strikes on the hang. These are my go to for just about all occasions. Sorry to hear about your bad news. Hopefully everyone will be ok.


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