Suggestions for replacement on my water-killed Canon G9x

Own this for over 15 years and it is still working. It is the vanguard of the optio W series.


Takes great pictures.


It is waterproof as well.

nice, what was the body material on your fly? mylar tinsel, and the red part? Thanks


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While I agree on the TG-4,5,6 series I went with an Olympus TG-870. It's a bit smaller, more of a shirt pocket camera than the bigger TG's. I believe that the TG-4,5,6 will shoot raw while the TG-870 is jpeg only. I don't like the controls on the 870 but then again I don't like the controls on most small cameras these days. For a waterproof camera IMO Olympus is the best.
I have the predecessor, TG 860...which has the flip screen for selfies that TG 4-6 don't, but can shoot raw that 860-870 can't. Some other differences in quality and speed. I use a hardened glass screen protector now, much better than plastic film. I am used to the controls and options for light condition, closeup, flash, format. Wifi, GPS, movies, and so forth. If I were to get another, it would be the 4-6 bcz of the lens.

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