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Long story short, close friend BLEW UP my long time favorite 6wt, a GLX Classic, 9' 6wt. Loomis has no specific replacement and granted me a credit. I'm not familiar with much of the newer lineup, but in my opinion, the NRX (6 and 7wts) had a notably softer tip then the older Classics I know so well and love. For all water use this is fine.. however doing majority of deep sunk full sinking lines (Airflo Streamer Max 6wt and 24' 200gr lines) with good sized tandem streamers so the more powerful tip is desirable, especially with the lift up and out.

Anyone familiar with the latest NRX+ in 6wt? It's in the 'Freshwater' category.. don't really need extra weight of a fighting butt, no other option available. Sounds promising but would like to know more. If not conducive to my requirements might be better to opt for something else.

Ran a few searches and came up with zip on the NRX+ Rods as a whole.. Maybe not setting parameters correct or something (?) Comments on this new series would have value so feel free to share.

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There have only been a few reviews of the NRX+ online - COVID has taken its toll even on rod reviews. However, I did see both Trident Fly Fishing and Telluride Anglers have reviewed the rod - Telluride by specific model (they called the 6 "more substantial" than others in the freshwater series. But I've not seen many reviews by anyone actually fishing it.


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Maybe get the NRX+ on the credit and sell it and look for another GLX Classic.
Might be easiest said then done but a option you might consider.
I’ve got a 6 wt Classic and it is a lot of fun to fish.


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Try emailing Tom Larimer (current G Loomis Rep) or call Josh Linn at Royal Treatment Fly Fishing (previously a G Loomis Rep) with your question. They've always been straight shooters.


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I watched Anil do very well catching many fish with his 7 weight NRX+ on the flats. I made a few casts and it is a very good fly rod, with a stiffer tip than the original NRX. Super light too compared to older Loomis models. Puget Sound Fly Co sells them.


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I have not tried the 6wt, but I have the NRX+ 5 wt and have been fishing it a bit this summer.

Not a ton of fishing with the rod yet but feedback thus far:

I would categorize the 5 wt as at upper end of the 5 wt range. Really good for going long or throwing a lot of junk, windy conditions, etc (my home waters are the Big Hole so a 5 wt needs to be prepared to get a pretty strenuous workout).

Thus far I have tried it with a 5 wt Rio Gold and a 1/2+ wt heavy 5wt MPX. Found the Gold to be a bit vague until quite a bit of line is out. Preferred it with the MPX, which in combo with the rod makes it an “almost 6 wt” IMO.

Good accuracy, ok feel (better if you overline but YMMV) which improves with more line out, very very good distance. One of the better 5wts I have used for streamers. It has a lot of lifting power for a 5 wt. I got into some pretty good fish a few weeks ago in big water and it held up really well....
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