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Curt was Director of WDW pre-merger, but never WDFW.

Steve and Pat are stand up guys.

Yes you are correct about Curt being the director of WDW and not WDFW. My mistake. Some of his views on fisheries management may differ but he does have a lot of connections in the legislature.


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Anyone interested in this hardy perennial topic would probably enjoy reading "Washington's Sport of Kings," by Frank Haw. I forget his exact title but he was involved in the WDFW in a fairly senior capacity during the Salmon/Steelhead heydays spanning the mid-60's (times when the *harvest* - not returns) of PS winter Steelhead were north of six figures, etc.

He has some fairly common sense suggestions about what constitutes low hanging fruit from a management perspective near the end of the book. One such suggestion is eliminating the commercial troll fishery for Kings, which kills an astonishing amount of fish that are out of the size-range that they're permitted to retain. The economic benefit of this fishery is miniscule compared to its impact, and allocating the impact of this one fishery to NT sports fishermen could significantly expand the opportunities available to NT sporties and be a boon to the economy. .


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