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Randall, I'm down if the group wants another shot at him. Let me know and I'll turn his account back on. The intended result, however, should play with my sense of humor. If it's just extending a shit show, we can do without that.

The way I see it, all new posters take their lumps, and some don't respond appropriately. No reason to ban them, let them figure it out. Hell, I know....from other boards.

Honestly though, what I saw on that thread didn't look tooooo bad, unless some stuff was edited. Regardless, this site is freakin awesome with loads of good content...always my go-to.


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Hmm. In all due respect, I didn’t say or imply anything even remotely close to any of that.
I didn’t say any fishers are “out to screw-up the fishing”. (They’re not)
I didn’t say anything about anyone not having right to fish anywhere. (They do - public lands)
I agree that the people on this website have passion and respect for fly fishing. (They do)
I also believe that the THOUSANDS non-members who come to this site for info also have a passion and respect for fly fishing. (They do too)
I don’t think there exists such a fly fisher who is a “whole-wrecker” - never seen or heard of a single piece of evidence of that. (I also don’t believe in conspiracies theories)
None of this has anything to do with any of that.
Let’s go back to what I did say:
hot spotting = hype = increased pressure on a fishery where increased pressure can have a negative impact.

Some fisheries can and do sustain large numbers of fishers converging at the same place (aka crowding aka pressure) with no negative impact to the fishery or the environment. Others not so much. The internet can be a real multiplier vs the old fashioned “word of mouth”. Even if the actual fish/fishery are not too adversely impacted (but they often are with pressure) do you enjoy fishing with crowds who have converged on the hot spot? Enjoy not finding a camp spot because they’re all taken? enjoy seeing the impact to the environment where people trample an area to create a camp spot where one doesn’t exist.

Think of it similar to the impact when hiking and backpacking in the NW became huge and mainstream a few to handful of decades ago. As the saying goes these places were being “loved to death” by those that had a passion and respect for these places. With large numbers of people there are ecological impacts, impacts to the environment and impacts the pristine natural setting. As such, permit systems came into place, some hikes removed from guidebooks for these places being “loved to death”. I wonder if Ira Spring ever looked back on his life’s work of hiking guide books and thought “ew, maybe that was too much info ... I had no idea that many people would converge” (hot spotting)

My other motivation is less noble and altruistic: self interest. Even if the place is not a secret, I don’t like fishing in conditions where there are more fishers than the fishery can support- e.g. just about every fishable hole taken or already pounded multiple times that day, every campsite taken. So yeah it’s selfish I guess - but we each want what we want from “the experience “ ... and I’ve seen how some of these “experiences” have changed pre-internet to the early internet days to now.
You did use the words "negative impact" without clarification but I apologize if I overstated what you were trying to convey, it was tempered by the usual "you should be hung and shot for revealing my favorite spot" rhetoric that can be all too prevalent in these conversations.

To answer a couple of your questions, no it does not bother me unduly to share popular water, well known places such as Chopaka, Amber or Dry Falls you expect to share the water and as long as it doesn't devolve into elbow rubbing, rock throwing insanity, I'm good with it. I have had some epic moments fishing alone and on occasion was disappointed not to have someone to share it with even though I am not by nature a social person. Sometimes the comradery makes the moment a little more special.
As for the camping and hiking thing, I did more than my share of it in my youth but as I settle into the senior life I prefer a comfortable motel room and a decent restaurant at the end of a hard day of fishing. Can't afford the land yacht thing at any rate.

I had other points to make but they don't seem relevant now so I will save them for some other time. I am glad we had this conversation to clear things up.


I always find it funny when I go fish for a couple days, and when I come back there's 7 more pages to a thread like this.

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