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I remember when Wetline Dave got butthurt the time I asked if there was an appropriate amount to pay for a fishing shirt.

I think he put me on ignore after that but I still love him.

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Well, yeah.
Oh okay. You were probably just confused, I understand. Here's what I wrote about butthurt:
...I can see that WFF as a group will never arrive at consensus. So, occasional butthurt will flare up. Sometimes that can be entertaining at least. I don't know if it's a "problem" though. It's just a thing.

Now my butt and brain hurt from thinking about butthurt too much.
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I remember back in the day some good humored dudes caught a nice hatchery winter steelhead then drove up to the Wilson River where the north fork dumps in, got a nice picture and posted it on iFish. It's super tiny water up there with basically ZERO steelhead, but there is a big parking area. The next weekend there were about 10 "internet fishing sluths" pounding the water. Classic misdirection.


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Went back and reread the first 6 posts or so.
Unless there are entire posts deleted that cutty guy jumped waaaayyyy off the deep end before it was necessary.
Its an online forum, thickened skin helps, but a sense of humor will keep you alive.

You are correct but I also think it's our responsibility to practice some restraint and maybe try to be less harsh. I would like to know what was said in the PM's just to get more clarity. Maybe it's time the Moderators remind everyone what the purpose of this forum is all about... Is it to thicken skins and be judgmental of others or is it to share our love and passion for all things fishing.

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