IMHO - there is a problem with WFF


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what might be fun is to generate a phony post to some dried up creek but post photos of great water and fish...;)

as far as the "problem" with WFF, we are just a microcosm of society. Well, now that I think of it we are a rather large group now. So you're going to get whiners and moaners along with a few assholes. Let's all try to help the new folks as much as we can...


You are correct but I also think it's our responsibility to practice some restraint and maybe try to be less harsh. I would like to know what was said in the PM's just to get more clarity. Maybe it's time the Moderators remind everyone what the purpose of this forum is all about... Is it to thicken skins and be judgmental of others or is it to share our love and passion for all things fishing.
I would argue that our love and passion for all things fishing leads people to be defensive and judgmental towards others. I agree though, threatening PMs takes it too far.
But hey, on the bright side, I bet that guy will never hotspot again


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We, the global we, had an issue with the post of a brand new member posting a TR on a great fishing experience, truly memorable, he just had. The post was: Several of us using the PM feature, me included, tried to educate the new poster about naming rivers, aka hot spotting, to avoid the wrath of shit that would follow if he did not remove the name of the river. It was a late night post and within a few minutes he fixed the post to remove the potentially offending information. No whip lash what so ever from him. KUDOs to Him! Unfortunately he did not remove the tag naming the river. @Thrasybulus made sure he brought this out in his post. His post made sure that the river was hot spotted based on that post. IMHO @Thrasybulus was actually the hot spotter by posting the name of the river in a post.... Most would not of even made the connection IMHO.

The OP was conveying a great fishing experience. It was very well written and definitely communicated why he was so pumped up. It was definitely something he will remember for a life time in addition to as how he was treated on WFF. A number of members thanked him (Liked) for the post (26 I believe), and a number of other members including @Gary Thompson, @Greg Price, @shotgunner, and @Rock Creek Fan thanked him in their own way.

Then @Dustin Bise gave him a thanks/post that was easily overlooked/not seen completely/easily mis-interpreted. The OP retaliated and comments were made about 'growing a thicker skin'. Is that what we expect from all new members to be thick-skinned? Where is the Sticky or Warning? Why should new members expect to be lambasted by longer term members? Is that what we (WFF) are to be remembered by? I hope not! IMHO @Dustin Bise could improve his communication skills and be a bit more welcoming and educational. Just because one is the self-anointed and self-proclaimed hot spot sheriff does not give one license to ruin membership of others.

The OP was articulate, well spoken, communicated clearly and understood squiggly blue lines. He put in the time and had great success. A catch of his life time for sure. I am sure it stoked a lot of us to put in the time knowing that one will be rewarded someday. Preaching to the choir I know...

Recently there have have been other new members/posters and they were chased off/ kicked off the site. When retaliation occurs, there is a 'pile on' mentality rather than accepting and providing advice on how to do better. It scares away new members and squelches new information we could all use to our own benefit.

Do I agree with a new member's retaliation? Absolutely not! But I have to question why a new member ever has to sink to that level where that occurs... Some of that is on us and we should look at ourselves to see if there is something we are doing that causes it...
i just caught up. no idea what was in the pm's to provoke all that. i'm skeptical that the reaction was proportionate to the exhortations in the pm's, personally. that guy was wound tight! "well spoken" isn't how i would describe him.


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I remember back in the day some good humored dudes caught a nice hatchery winter steelhead then drove up to the Wilson River where the north fork dumps in, got a nice picture and posted it on iFish. It's super tiny water up there with basically ZERO steelhead, but there is a big parking area. The next weekend there were about 10 "internet fishing sluths" pounding the water. Classic misdirection.
Classic! A similar story: One of my former coworkers caught a large Lahontan cutthroat from (oh oh, hot spot) Lake Lenore. He put it in an aerated cooler, stopped at one of Soap Lake's pullouts, snuck the cooler lakeside and hooked it with a big spinner and "played this trout". I guess quite a few rigs stopped to watch and join him casting lures.....


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Is it to thicken skins and be judgmental of others or is it to share our love and passion for all things fishing.
I come here so a complete stranger with a catchy name like...uh...I don't know...GODDAMNITCUTTY can insult me or communicate with witty comments like:
  1. passive aggressive clowns - (I am not passive!)
  2. crusty old idiots living in 1965 - (I am NOT crusty!)
  3. the no fun police will show you’ve got to be a descendant of uncle jay inslee? - (political!)
  4. Next time I’ll give you GPS coordinates of my foot up your ass. (Now who's the idiot? If his foot is in my ass I'm gonna find it without any help.)
  5. its 2020 dude chill out (Precise data like this is priceless! Thanks for the tip.)

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that guy was a troll and an anti masker.

As far as my posting behavior, im not planning on changing any time soon (unless of course i get banned again, which is always a possibility). I was actually nice to that guy, just making a joke, and it triggered him. At that point what's a guy to do but play along. People take the internet (and life at times) far to serious.

Ive been trying hard to approach people with more tact, esp in person with poachers around home, but i am also triggered easily. Its hard to be nice every time.

for the record, MY OPINION in 2020 on hotspotting is this.... if its a guided RIVER, go ahead and name it (though there are some cases where there are guided fisheries that are best left unmentioned, and in that case the guides are it are probably POS). If you can cast across it, don't name it. If it has wild, native fish that are in peril, dont name it.

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Just because one is the self-anointed and self-proclaimed hot spot sheriff does not give one license to ruin membership of others.

bullshit. ill do as i see fit. my comments don't ruin anyones memberships.... they can always ignore me or not respond to the heat like a 13 year old girl who didnt get a pony.

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When I search the web for fly fishing information WFF posts often show up in the results. This obviously results in an increased web presence which can contribute to overcrowding. I did shudder last week when I read an area being openly talked about here that I am planning to spend a few days at later this month, but I am probably not going to jump on someone for talking about locations on public land. It would hurt though if it was one of my Curtis Creeks being bandied about.

this 100 percent. ^^

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