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there is over 25 pages of google search results for little spokane river fly fishing, all archived from this forum. i dont think it really matters. there are no secrets. the little spokane is an anything goes free for all. redbands are killed daily. i have no hope for the system, its already dead in my eyes. i was never expecting the result of saving the river by making jokes about hotspotting or talking shit.

im glad you think your saving the rivers with your 1-1 conversations. i do plenty of polite PM's to people that you have never seen when it comes to rivers that are actually under the radar and get posted about. ive been doing it for years, this is not some new phenomenon.

do you live near by? have you ever fished or floated it? do you have any first hand experience in the reality on the ground?

unwanted attention.... lol..... it gets PLENTY of that from the locals.

last time i was there i found a spot that had about 15 stakes in the ground each tied off to multiple barbed bait rigs left in the water overnight (or longer).
helping is what i said, not saving. that's observable if you believe that hotspotting reports are detrimental.

the logic eludes you dustin, but i'm glad you're here and i'm glad you love your home waters so passionately.


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this is my last post in this thread. its just the same shit on repeat at this point. feel free to keep telling me about my mission, goals, and approach. ill be sure to listen with an open mind.... all this moaning does is make me more likely to continue with the joke. its amazing how something so trivial gets everyone so riled up and righteous.

Walk from the thread but don't let off the gas.

wetline dave

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You aren't significant enough to butt hurt me, LOL. And I have never put anyone on ignore.

I do enjoy quite a few of your threads and thank you for that.

I could give a rip what you or anyone spends on shirts or anything else.



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Let's face it there are three reasons to post fish pics and locations.

1. You are stroking your ego and need validation from others.

2. You are a guide and therefore are stroking your own ego and letting folks know you get them because you are whoring out a resource.

3. You don't know any better and are excited cause you're new and you got one. Yes there's an innocent ego stroke there but you are salvageable and open to be educated.

Basically one and two are terrible humans and should be hunted on an island by @Dustin Bise and other form members for sadistic thrills and sport. The third should be steered and have their enthusiasm fostered by the good community that fly anglers generally are.
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