NFR Does this Sprinter Van make my trust fund look big?

Dustin Bise

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The Glendive Chamber of Commerce thanks you for your continued support as the 2020 season was cancelled.
and thats why you should always double check the regs before heading out. thanks for the heads up, ill put my 3wt back in its case until next year.

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Don't forget the requisite $20K of mountain bikes hanging off the back!

@Swimmy Those travel trailers aren't exactly cheap. Add in the price of your truck and its getting close... What I can't stand is all the local stay home moms driving Junior to the local park and coffee shops plugging up traffic.

Lots of people move to Hood River every spring/summer. Lots of people leave Hood River after their first winter....

I'm all for closing down tourist towns during the pandemic. Everybody hunker down and survive off the relief bill so we can reopen quickly eventually.


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Havre doesn't want you either.

Maybe Chinook then :D

Dustin Bise

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Newport does have a traffic light-right on the state line. Since it is half in Idaho I don't count it..
fair enough, i always thought the river was the stateline through there but i stand corrected. its weird that part of newport is in idaho, when across the river it becomes oldtown.

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Same shit was happening in Vail CO back in the 70s when the cops had Saab Turbos to chase bad guys. One restroom poet summed it all up nicely with: "Fuck you and the Porche you rode in on."

Full disclosure, my wife and I were gifted a few days free rental in a - you guessed it- mercedes sprinter camper....And I am looking forward to using it. I will be a loathed van camper!

It gets worse....I had a Saab 900...a 91 or 92, used. They weren't super sophisticated machines, I thought then and still think they look cool, a big curved windshield, basic elements beneath the hood, cherry red, goofy little spoiler bump, nice cosmetic condition. Sexier than a Volvo, but no more sophisticated. An amazing tape deck. Electric windows! Stick shift. Generous bumpers. Leather seats, a sparse control panel designed by Swedes that also made fighter jets....

It was the bomb.

Literally, given it always had an odor of gasoline. That was, apparently, a problem for them and the reason I got rid of it.


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Bozeman was already changing for the worst 20 years ago.
Glad to have experienced it before it became a glamorous hell hole of people pretending...mostly concerned with showing off how much money they are capable of spending to be outdoorsy.
Its a joke.
Talk about hotspotting.

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i dont see the point in complaining about tourists in a tourism based town. want less tourists? move to havre.....
I looked at this insane compound in Havre a while back, like 300k, you could see for miles in every direction :D


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WFF Supporter why are we not letting C19 kill a few million more...? :rolleyes:

around Everett there’s nothing but high density housing going up, not unlike the projects in the Bronx or Moscow. Certain hours of the day you can’t get anywhere for the traffic don’t even think about going out Friday afternoon. Be thankful @Swimmy for whatever remnants of uncluttered nature you have left.

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