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Anil, Ibn, or anyone -

When tying the S-n-A fly, what size Cross Eye Cone (and tubes) do you normally use? I just started tying this pattern, and the only cone that was big enough to fit over my plastic tubes (not HMH brand) was the 7/16" diameter, which seemed kinda big.

The result was some pretty nice looking flies, but boy, are they HUGE. Probably 6+" and heavy. I can see these being effective out in the big water like Neah Bay or Seiku, but I think they're just too big for the sound.

I also bought and tried some smaller tubes (HMH, single wall) and some smaller (3/8" dia) Cross Eyes Cones, but the cones were still too small to slide onto the tubes.

The Shock and Awe sure seems like an killer pattern, I'm just wondering what size components you guys normally use. Any info you can share would be great.



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If you have access to HMH tubes, it is fairly easy:

¼” Cones = ‘Micro’ tubing
3/8” Cones = ‘Small’ tubing
7/16” Cones = ‘Large’ tubing

All of the tubing is single wall and labeled as ‘cut to length.’ You will find that the 7/16” cones are more difficult to cast on an 8 weight. It is definitely do-able, but I really prefer a 3”-5” fly and the 3/8” cone.
Additionally, the larger tube holds a larger junction tubing, which will only accommodate a larger hook. I prefer a smaller hook, such as a Gamakatsu SL12 #2. This hook is equivalent in size to a Tiemco 811S #4 or a Mustad 34007 #4. The Gamakatsu is thinner than ‘stainless’ hooks, which means that it penetrates better and it also does less damage to fish.


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Right on. Thanks, Anil.

I checked my tubes again and it turns out they are all 1/8" O.D., even the tubes that I bought that I thought were smaller.

Do you guys carry the "small" and "micro" sized tubes there at your shop?

Thanks again.



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We do.
For those of you using other brands:
"Large" = 1/8" O.D.
"Small" = 3/32" O.D.
"Micro" = .042" O.D.
For some reason they don’t make a “Medium.” Another important factor when purchasing tubes for Shock & Awes (or other flies that require melting the tube), is to avoid silicone tubing. Silicone tubing will slowly burn rather than ‘melt’ and flair.

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