Hoot Owls come to MT

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The Interactive fishing guide mapper usually shows which rivers are closed. They are marked in Red. I was just there and some of those rivers aren't marked as of yet. But I don't have to worry about those closed waters as they are to far away for me. So I'm safe for now.


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Getting toasty over there? I don't mind the hoot owl closures since I prefer to fish mornings in summer. But it tends to concentrate more pressure on the rivers during the open hours


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Yeah its been hot here too but the rivers are still high for this time of year ...... thanks to a big snowpack ..... cooling trend starts tomorrow which should get us through August .....


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Does anyone else feel we should have the same kind of restrictions on some of our lakes? I emphasize the word "some" in regard to those that our relatively shallow and historically have large summer kills.


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109deg forecast for Roseburg OR tomorrow... that makes my hot tub a place to cool down in...

My guess is hoot owl is coming to the N Umpqua
I was a part of a grassroots Hoot Owl Closure in Nevada a few years back. Was encouraging to see the flyfishing community respond so well, even without formal or legal teeth involved. Here’s the video I made:
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