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It's sad things are so politically charged the spudmind goes directly to COVID and skips Melanoma. They probably think it's a hoax too.
We've all known people who are absolutely convinced that the medical world has the cure for cancer (which is, of course, not one disease but rather many), but are withholding such treatment so they can profit (as though oncologists don't get cancer, or have loved ones so afflicted).

Then there's the dopes that think Detroit is withholding technology that allows vehicles to run on water.

There is no end to human stupidity. As Stephen Hawking once said about the study of history..."It's really the study of historical human stupidity".


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If you're cruising up to an Idaho lake with Washington plates in these times be thankful all you're getting is some verbal abuse. Passed 2 Washington-plated cars on the Lower CDA river last weekend with 8 flat tires between them. Either that road was tackier than I anticipated or the locals are tiring of the 'invasive species'.

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I ended up in Sturgis once. I was on my way to Chicago to visit my son. What a cluster fuck. But when they were sober they were quite nice. No hassles from anybody. I got my drive through food and went merrily on my way.


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Take it from me and my first hand experience here in Boise that a very large part of the population here does not take the issue seriously at all with this Covid thing. Very sad and trying to get the fuck out of here as soon as possible.
I have already been in 3 different involuntary verbal altercations for just being from Washington State. They see my Seattle license plate banner and call me a filthy liberal and tell me to get fucked and go home.


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It's not that bad here in NC Idee-ho. Why just last weekend we took my three little granddaughters for their first overnight backpacking adventure. When we got to the roadside trailhead, next to a beautiful creek, we were greeted by what looked like the dregs of a meth camp. All kinds of crap, literally, spread out along the bank, garbage, furniture, food, tp everywhere. When the oldest asked why all of that junk was there I told her someone drank a big bottle of stupid and this is the result.

Been trying to reach the NF rec supervisor this week to report. I have not received a call back...


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if these folks stayed in Sturgis it would not matter too much. but they are headed from where they came becoming super spreaders. that's what happens when you ride with a Nazi helmet on, engineer boots and a T shirt. stupid is what defines most of these riders and only Darwin can change this by thinning this pool of folks, sad but true.

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"Behaviours" drive the evolution of animal populations ( humans included) some behaviors promote longevity and species propagation... some do the opposite. Fishing and harvesting the biggest, fittest most aggressive fish should reduce those qualities in a population of fish. Seems to fit my experience with snohomish river coho salmon....


I quit caring what people thought of me 40 years ago in my early 20"s,If you don't like my shit show feel free to leave. I still have lots of friends & less worries.
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I just saw on the news how these guys are descending into Sturgis. It's like a big orgy, no social distancing, drinking straight out of the bottle and NO FACEMASKS being worn. The city actually tried to get it cancelled for fear of COVID and yet these guys came anyways. We'll be hearing about all the new cases of COVID that resulted from this gathering very soon..
The city council approved it. Only one voted no. Maybe they changed their minds, but 7 weeks ago I read it while traveling cross country. We drove through the area and I saw the sign for the rally and googled it. Pretty mind blowing, but S. Dakotans weren't taking it too seriously when we stayed in Rapid City.

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"Behaviours" drive the evolution of animal populations ( humans included) some behaviors promote longevity and species propagation... some do the opposite. Fishing and harvesting the biggest, fittest most aggressive fish should reduce those qualities in a population of fish. Seems to fit my experience with snohomish river coho salmon....
Catch and kill all the biters what’s left to spawn??


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There's a pretty high level of smugness, self satisfaction and know-it-all-ness as well as self-righteousness in this thread. There are at least two sides to this COVID stuff and room for many reasonable positions. Not a single early prediction of disaster, of millions dead etc., has turned out to be true. Some might say that's because we reacted but the Swedes for example did not and their overall experience has not been bad. It is not stupid to be skeptical especially of the pronouncements of politicians and especially when the forecast track record has been so poor. Most people emphasizing masks place 100% of their emphasis on avoiding ANY casualties to COVID - effectively a zero risk posture. Nothing in life is zero risk and there is no credible reason or moral imperative to take that position now. The response to COVID has, for all practical purposes, created unemployment and dislocation far worse than the Great Depression. We are, without hyperbole, in danger of destroying the middle and working class for 10-20 years with the economic consequences of the lockdown. At roughly age 70, I'd rather see my life risked and preserve the middle class. OTOH, there is no excuse for pure rudeness and incivility. I have homes in SE Idaho and W WA. I've experienced just as much, IF NOT MORE, rudeness, hypocrisy, & idiocy from people along the I5 corridor as from people out in the country in Idaho.


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I take screen shots of my TV of the statistics. In just one month from July 8 to August 8 today there have been 30,823 deaths....Just one month.... It took us until May 27 to reach 100,000 deaths and that was scary enough.

And remember when they were making comparisons to the number of soldiers who died in Vietnam (58,000) to the number of people dying from Covid? The virus is described as a war and even our president has called himself a wartime president, yet we have no national plan. Politics over lives seems to be the plan.

I liked this comparison - Al Franken (i listen to his podcasts) said what if FDR said the attack on Pearl Harbor was going to be left up to HawaiI and it was up to their state about how to respond.

What is wrong with people and this mask business? It makes me scared for our country that something as stupid as wearing a mask is cause more political division. The fact that we have a leader who WANTS that division is even more mind boggling. Don’t people care about their grandma? What happened to all those folks worried about “death panels” during the time of the Affordable Care Act being passed?

After making a bunch of masks i do not want to do that again but i think i want to update my wardrobe and start wearing more fun masks. I need to check with @Swimmy for some ideas. Maybe we could start wearing masks as advertisements for small business that are still operating to help them out.
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