buff face mask worse than maskless for covid


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This whole deal sounds like an instance of a single observation, a single kernel of information being spread rapidly through the cyber world and becomes fact within 24 hours. No further research necessary folks, accept it as truth and move on.

It really is counterintuitive to think that having nothing over your face is actually better that having a somewhat porous buff.

This type of thinking would suggest that giving a starving man no food would somehow be better than giving him some food.
I think there is wisdom in Ive's first take - https://slate.com/technology/2020/08/gaiter-study-flawed.html?utm_source=join1440&utm_medium=email

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When first reading the article about buffs, it peaked my interest. Then I listened to the CNN interview of the author of the 'study'. It was flat out scary to think it was more than a joke. They just took what was laying around and did some randomized experimentations, uncontrolled tests, with little to no forethought to scientific analysis. It would be equivalent to picking up a rock, throwing it in the air, to determine if it was lighter than air. The authors parting shot was along the line of "I hope it peaks some interest out there so more testing will performed".
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I just wear a white pillow case over my head, couple of holes so I see where I am going. Fabric is a long ways from my face, lots of fabric around my neck. Moisture collects low on my neck where there is lots of fabric. Glasses tend to fog a bit tho.:D
In the state of Washington all it states is a "face covering" and that is what is supposed to be enforced. But LE is educating rather enforcing. Let the health officials enforce. LE has enough on their plate.


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I'm visualizing a Glow-in-the-dark bit of headgear, embodying characteristics of both a Papal miter and a plague mask. I mean why not? Except the low doorway issue, of course.

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