FS Steelheader and Skagit Pontoon Boats


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Picture for the Steelheader is from Skookum Products website. My boat is taken apart and in storage but I can send picture on request if you have a serious offer. My boat looks the same but oars are a different style. The Steelheader is a whitewater grade catacraft. The frame is galvanized steel and pontoons are 9 ft. Skookum products indicate their pontoons are the most durable, heavy-duty pontoons manufactured for this style of boat. The steelheader has replaceable Halkey Robert-style valves & Leafield valves, 7-foot oars, oar locks, Skidguard floor and rear deck. Flip-down padded swivel seat with galvanized hardware, Cam straps, air pump, hose, and adapter. This is a great boat for couple day float/fishing trips. It has been lightly used for a few trips on the Deschutes and Grande Ronde River.
$1850 new. Selling for $1,100.
Steelheader Pontoon Boat.jpg

The Skagit specifications are as follows:
  • Armrest storage includes two large zippered pockets, ten small mesh stuff pockets and two integrated drink holders
  • Heavy-duty wire rear cargo platform
  • Anchor system with fillable mesh bag - easy to use cleat and pulley controls
  • Seat mount and footrests adjust to a wide range of leg lengths
  • Bronze oar locks
  • Powder-coated steel tube frame and rugged two-piece 6' aluminum oars
  • Tow rings and non-slip foot rests
  • 350 lb. capacity, river rating Class 1
Asking $300
Skagit Pontoon boat.jpg


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~10 years. Has not been used in several years. Good condition. but have not inflated pontoons since I last used it. I live in Olympia. Call 425-344-0826 if interested.
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