Mixed Feeling About Killing Sea Lions

Dave Maddock

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That might be an interesting baseline, but since we aren't going back to pre-industrialization (at least not willingly) I don't think that's too relevant to today. What is relevant is the size of marine mammal (seals and sea lions) that are a good fit with our contemporary and highly modified ecosystem. Plan for and manage around that if we can and if we dare.
Like seal fur for tying beautiful flies that we won't be able to use cause there's no fish.

Tim Ihle

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A good sea lion is a dead sea lion...when in the Big C or Willy. I fully endorse the trapping/darting, dispatch, and rendering. Hopefully they end up as a protein additive for domestic pet food.

And, I’m thrilled that they have now employed the local NW Tribes in the effort as it seems like naturally the right thing to do; I hope the Tribes will benefit in some way.

If someone were to suggest managing the CSL’s along the west coast for a Minimal Sustainable Population (much like we do our salmonids) and mitigate the loss by creating fancier pinniped Zoo exhibits for the remaining population, I can’t say that I would necessarily disagree with them.
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I think guided hunts are the real winner here.
I'll guide you for free. Come out of the locks, red nun left, black can right all the way to Meadowdale. Swing hard around to shitter point and repeat. I believe there's a small barge anchored up by the seawall, should be easy. Sold my house in Olympic Manor in the late 80's, so I rarely get down there anymore. Miss those times, but I wouldn't live in Seattle on a bet. Apologies to those who still enjoy a great area, only thing I miss are the beaches and salt air!

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