WTB Looking for Jim Vincent’s Rio Intermediate Clear Shooting Head


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I know this may be a longshot.
I'm looking for an older RIO 250-300 gr (8 wt?) intermediate sink 25' head. I'm assuming it would be the pre-outbound series. It may have been an integrated line, but i want to use just the head, and loop it to a mono running line, for the beach. Anyone have an idea (or better yet, one available) what I'm talking about?


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Don’t recall that on. Was the head clear with a mono core?
You could always buy a OBS Intermediate short with a blown out running line and cut the head off.
The 8 wt is 330, so cutting it back a foot at a time might get you were you want to be.
The 7 wt is 265 @ 30’, so you’d need to go with a bit longer head if it was 250 you were looking for.

Rio might sell just the heads as well with factory loops already installed that might work for you.


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I'm going by the recommendation of a longtime beach fisher. He said it's an old head that's not made any more. I have tried OBS lines, but found the casts seemed to collapse in a heap.


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Found out this is what I'm looking for:
Jim Vincent’s Rio Shooting Head Fly Line Intermediate 30 Ft Clear 9 Wt 256 Gr

I found one on Ebay, but they don't ship to Canada. Wondering if anyone here has one.

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